10 Essential Chrome Extensions For Unbounce Power Users 🚀


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Joel from Unbounce here. As an Unbounce :rocket: Launch Specialist :rocket:, part of my job is helping our Enterprise customers get started and occasionally helping them build out their first couple pages. Over time, I’ve built up a list of Google Chrome extensions that help me not only design pages better, but also save a lot of time.

So, I want to share those extensions with you, our beloved Unbounce Community. Check out my list below, and feel free to comment with your own essential extensions.

1. Unbounce Page Lookup

Did you know that you can go directly from your live page, to the page overview, and even see the page’s current stats? The Unbounce page lookup extension is essential for any Unbounce power user.

:link: Check it out here


2. The Landing Page Checklist

Want to check and see if your landing page is optimized for conversions? You can quickly check with our handy landing page checklist extension.

:link: Check it out here


3. Dejargonator

Did you know that there’s a dejargonator? It was even highlighted by one Oli Gardner in his Conversion Centred Design Ebook. It highlights words on your page that you may want to consider changing and gives you sassy feedback.

:link: Check it out here


4. Eyedropper

This tool is super handy when you’re designing a landing page off one of your already existing websites. It gives you the ability to grab RGB codes, which you can easily copy and paste into the Unbounce builder.

:link: Check it out here

col-picker optimized

5. Fontface Ninja

This extension lets you view the fonts and their size on an already existing website. It’s super handy if you’re trying to figure out what font to use to match your company’s branding.
Check it out here!


6. Grammarly

Do you need help with your copywriting? Are your grammar skills a bit weak? Grammarly isn’t only a spell checker, it also checks your page’s grammar!

:link: Check it out here


7. Emoji For Google Chrome

Do you want to add some fun emojis to your page, but don’t know how? This extension allows you to copy and paste emojis into your landing page!

:link: Check it out here


8. Nimbus ScreenShot

Have you ever wanted to download your Unbounce page as a PDF or JPEG? This tool allows you to screenshot your entire page, so that you can share it internally without having to publish the page. You can even add notes and markups.

:link: Check it out here


9. Various Tag Assistants

Want to check your page and ensure that all your various tracking tags are working properly? These extensions can help you ensure everything is ready to go:

:link: Google
:link: Facebook
:link: Bing


10. Unbounce Conversion Tracking Assistant

If you’re using the Unbounce external tracking pixel, this extension will let you know if the pixel is installed and working.

:link: Check it out here


I hope these extensions help you out! Again, feel free to comment if you have any essential extensions that aren’t listed here :smiley:

Cheers! :beers:

Essential Google Chrome Extensions for Unbounce Power Users
Essential Google Chrome Extensions for Unbounce Power Users
Essential Google Chrome Extensions for Unbounce Power Users

Thank you, very nice and helpful.


I had problems with Grammarly and Unbounce back in 2015. Unbounce support told me to disable the plugin.

Is Unbounce now compatible with Grammarly?


Really good post, thanks for the share. Apart from 1,5,7,10 ive been using these constantly!

Thanks again


Hey @Phillip!

I’ve used Grammarly quite a bit with Unbounce and haven’t run into any issues myself. Sometimes certain extensions can periodically throw off a few elements in the builder, but for me Grammarly has been pretty solid.


This is super helpful @Joel_McDonald - thank you!


Here is my two cents on your info.

Video too fast have to review a number of times…and would be much better with audio.

We appreciate your business, if there is anything further we can do please contact us.

Warmest regards,

Tony Bonifacic


The colour picker is a massive time saver… thank you sir!


A new update is out for the Unbounce Page Lookup extension–among other things it now supports Popups & Sticky Bars! Take a look!