Introducing a Lighter, Brighter Unbounce Page Builder

You’re already using landing pages in your marketing campaigns, right? Using a landing page builder can save you a ton of time and resource costs instead of going to a developer every time you need to publish or edit a campaign.

So, it’s important that every tool in the builder is easy to find and that the builder is itself is easy to use.

That’s why Unbounce is introducing an updated design that is lighter, brighter and more approachable than before.  

What does this mean for you? Starting today, you’ll see an updated user interface when you log into Unbounce.

The Unbounce Landing Page Builder is the place to go to create and test landing pages that support your campaigns.  With Unbounce, marketers can quickly build landing pages, make updates and changes to published pages and run A/B tests.

The refreshed Unbounce Page Builder may not look completely different, but the updates pack a pretty big punch:

  • It’s faster. The new look comes with a ton of back end improvements so the Unbounce Page Builder is faster than ever. That means less lag time so you can get your landing pages up and running faster than before.

  • Cleaner code. Behind the scenes, the new Page Builder’s code is lighter and tighter which allows Unbounce to build and roll out new features more quickly.

  • A modern design. In the new Unbounce PageBuilder, everything is where you’re used to seeing it but it now has a lighter and brighter design.

Tried, true (and tested) Over the last couple of months the new Page Builder has been rolled out to Unbounce users through Unbounce Labs Features. At a glance, the builder aesthetics haven’t changed much. Users noticed a cleaner interface and streamlined icons.

During the roll period, the Unbounce team worked with marketers to tweak the Page Builder to be more usable. And, the feedback?

The lighter, brighter Unbounce Page Builder was designed to help you build better marketing campaigns better and faster. Here’s a sneak peek of the updates:

Ready to check out the new Page Builder? Head on over to your Unbounce account and get started on your first landing page using the improved Unbounce Page Builder.

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What happened to the form??? I can’t add a form to my pages with this recent update!!!

Do you already have a form on the page?

Maybe you hid an existing form?

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Congrats on the official launch of this feature!

Thanks for responding Zane… I trying to add a second form to the same page not realizing I couldn’t. Ooops.

No worries! Happy to help!

Fast and lighter is always good.

What kind of new features can we look forward to?

Thanks Nicholas! Thanks for being one of our awesome beta testers. :) 

Looks like this was an issue unrelated to the release of this builder. If you run into any other issues, feel free to contact us directly at support (@) 🙂

Hey Daniel! Denise here, Product Designer from the Content Builder team! Let’s just say text editing will be a lot easier ; ) AND another thing that the team’s been working on is Version Control – where you can go back (and forward if necessary) to your past saves : )

Can’t wait

Awesome! That is my biggest complaint with the editor…working with text can be so difficult some times.  Can’t wait for the new features!

Me too. I am also waiting for the new features.