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  • 7 December 2016
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You asked, we answered!

Over the last few months, we’ve been gathering feedback from our beloved customers regarding Unbounce’s Page Builder.

Customer: Is there a way I can go back to the previous version of my page after I hit Save?
Unbouncer: Not yet! But we’ll add it to our To Do pile!

We do receive a lot of Feature Requests from our customers, and we make a valiant effort to assess each one thoroughly to see where we can fit it into our product road map.

As you may remember, we announced in August that we were rolling out our Lighter, Brighter Unbounce Page Builder. And, if you follow along with the comments (because, why wouldn’t you?!) you’d remember that Unbounce’s own @Denise_Villanueva dropped a bit of an Easter Egg:

So, the cat’s out of the bag!

Version Control is now live in all Unbounce Page Builders! :parrot:

What does this mean?
You will now be able to see previous versions of your page. With this builder enhancement, you can quickly and easily roll back to older saved versions of your page, so you can experiment and make changes to your landing pages with confidence!

Version control will enable you to “go back in time” in the page builder, and restore your landing pages to a previously saved page version.

But, why?
We built this feature because customers were reaching out to us, often in a panic, after making numerous changes to their pages, and needed to undo all of them, and/or roll back to an earlier saved state.

Imagine working under a tight deadline, and realizing that you made changes that were mistakenly saved.

So, rolling out Version Control is our effort to empower our customers to be able to experiment and make changes to landing pages without fear or concern that these changes will remain permanent, or must be manually undone (which can be very time consuming).

We hope you love it!

Have you had a chance to use Version Control already? Let us know how it went in the comments below! We love to hear from you guys 😍.

7 replies

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Absolutely loving this tool!


Excellent stuff 🙂

this product update email looks like a 1995 website.

love it <3 🙂

Yesss… Oh this is going to save me! So stoked!

How to I restore the old version and make it live? It’s not working when I click “Republish” after restoring an old version of my variant.

Are we able to use this feature and go back to an old version, and then go back to the future version we came from if necessary?

For example, I want to restore my page back to Feb. 5 (It is Feb. 13), but if the page does not perform as well as I expect, I want to switch back to the Feb. 13 version.


Hi @Soleo_Communications!

So right now with Version Control - if you are in the page builder and then roll back to a previous date, you can get a glimpse of the page on that date.

If, at that point, you save, then those changes are set. Any work you completed after the date you rolled back to is cleared out.

I think in your case I would consider making a duplicate of the variant you’re working with. That way you can roll back the original for your experiment/testing, and should it not perform as well you had hoped, you’ll have that duplicated variant (with your most recent work) as a backup. 🙂