[Feature Release] Sort & Filter for Page Management

  • 24 August 2016
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Let’s face it - if you’re building a landing page for every marketing campaign you run, you’re likely going to end up with a never-ending list of pages in your account. And, finding a single page to duplicate, replicate or optimize can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack.

We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear, so starting today, you can Sort & Filter your list of landing pages at a Client level.

To quickly categorize and find pages, either filter them down by Published, Unpublished, Integration Errors, Mobile Responsive or Non-Mobile Responsive and/or sort by Date Modified, Date Created, Page Name or URL Name.

How does this help me?

Here’s an example - by filtering your landing pages, you can quickly find pages that are not mobile responsive to make changes so that you don’t have to spend time digging through them - or miss an opportunity to convert more through mobile.

Ready to get your pages organized? Head on over to your Unbounce account and get started by using Sort & Filter right now.

4 replies

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Nice feature! Thanks for the update, Maggie.

Love this new feature!

I feel like this feature could do with an added feature… what if the filter selected is then set as the default? 

We like viewing our pages in “last published” or “date created”, but it bugs us a little bit that the filter resets when the page is refreshed or first opened. What do you guys think? 

To us, it just seems if people have a preferred filter, why not make it the default? - Until changed otherwise? 

Hi Jack, 

Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you’re enjoying Sort/Filter!

You had mentioned your team enjoys viewing pages in “Date Created” or “Date Modified”, were there any “Filter” options you guys could see using as a default option as well?

Hi Partho,

Maybe highest converting pages/lowest converting pages would be handy?

I also think there could be a “custom” option, whereby the user could drag and move pages to a preferred order? That would be pretty neat!

But I do really think after having selected a prefer filter, it should remain the default unless changed otherwise.