Announcing the Official Unbounce Experts Program

  • 31 March 2016
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We’re happy to announce the official launch of the  Unbounce Experts Program in the Unbounce Community. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking to grow their professional marketing networks, make an impact on the development of the Unbounce product or gain experience in the world of conversion marketing.

Unbounce Experts are thought leaders in their industries and possess a wealth of knowledge in many different areas of digital marketing. Unbounce Experts are inherently supportive, and enjoy collaborating with other marketers to help them achieve greater success. Our global network of experts are best in class, and are never quick to shy away from a challenge.

What does it take to be an Unbounce Expert?

  • You’re a whiz kid when it comes to using Unbounce, and know your way around the page builder like it’s second nature

  • You’re passionate about marketing and people, and genuinely enjoy social interactions above all

  • You’re more technically-inclined than the average bear and can navigate your way through online tools and platforms

  • You have provided a large amount of insight in the Unbounce Community

What are the benefits of being an Unbounce Expert?
1. You + Unbounce = BFF’s
Unbounce Experts are recognized as being trusted Unbounce Partner and thought leaders. We’re proud to partner with such enthusiastic marketers, so it’s our goal to help them in any way we can - including features on our blog, case studies and other collaboration opportunities.

2. Exclusive Early Access to New Product Features
We want our experts to have the very latest and greatest that Unbounce has to offer, so every expert will get exclusive access to alpha/beta features before anyone else.

3. Opportunities to get involved with Product Development
Experts have the unique opportunity to get involved with our product team through user testing, two-way feedback, alpha testing and more.

4. Share the Spotlight
Each Unbounce Expert also gets an official ‘Community Spotlight’ feature in the Community, which is shared via our email and social media channels.

5. Team Slack Channel
Experts are invited to our Team Slack channel so they can collaborate and share ideas with the each other as well as the Unbounce team.  

6. Exclusive Deals on All Unbounce Events
Unbounce Experts will receive discounts on any Unbounce hosted events they wish to attend. Discounts range from 10% off to 100% off.

7. Free Ticket to Unbounce’s Annual CTA Conference
Experts will receive a FREE ticket to Unbounce’s annual CTA Conference ($999 Value). Not only that, but you’ll receive VIP seating and invitations to special events such as speaker dinners and Unbounce team gatherings.

8. Exclusive Unbounce Goodies
Each Unbounce Expert will receive a welcome box filled with information about the program and limited edition Unbounce swag.

Great! How do I apply?
The best way to get started is by getting involved with the Community on a regular basis. Offering your opinions, providing critiques and posting great content are all surefire ways to get noticed by our team.

9 replies

This is FANTASTIC news. Thanks for sharing Justin. I hope people see how valuable of an opportunity this is. 

Like, 1000x like 🙂

I would like to hire an Unbounce expert to manage our landing pages. If your interested please contact me. Thanks.

I would love to help out! Do you have an idea of what you’re looking for?  If you could fill out this form, I can get started.

That’s a wonderful idea.  :)

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Super cool … when I become an expert I expect a special TEE shirt that reads “Unbounce Expert” 😛

Why the heck aren’t you an expert yet?? Don’t tell me that hour long Google Hangout last year was for naught.

P.S. Great to have you here. Looking forward to what you guys are putting together for CRO day. 👌

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I guess I don’t have enough points yet and to be honest I’m always hanging around but only just started posting more … FEEL free to wave you magic wand and make me an EXPERT! 😀

That’s it. I’m making it my goal to get you into our Experts program @digibomb – Our #Unbounce-Experts slack group isn’t complete without you.