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  • 30 May 2024
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This is for anyone running Facebook ad on an Unbounce page… I just switched my landing pages to Unbounce from my Squarspace site. I’ve always ran my lading pages on SS. SS has a built in Meta Pixel configuration. You just put in your pixel id and it adds the pixel code to all the pages.


I’ve gone through the UB pixle configuration and added the pixel code to my UB site. When I use the FB event testing tool, it shows that the pixel is firing properly.


The problem comes in with the event UB is sending to the pixel for a form submission. On SS, when an equivalent form is submitted, it send FB a “Lead” event. This in turn gets registered as a lead conversion on my FB ads. On UB however, the event is “SubscribedButtonClick” which does NOT get registered as a lead conversion.


Why is UB not sending a “Lead” for this event? This now means that in order to trigger a lead, I have to set up a custom event on FB and set it to a “post submission page" after the UB form is submitted. This works, but it’s kind of a kludge and is prone to errors. With SS, the even fires when the form is triggered. So if there is an issue and the “post submission page” doesn’t load then it won’t get registered as a lead.


Is this what everyone is doing? Why is nobody complaining about this? I’ve contacted support but they claim its a FB issue and not with them, when it seems like it is them sending the “SubscribedButtonClick” event to FB.



1 reply

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Hey @S72Headshots, thanks for posting! 👋 


The “SubscribedButtonClick” event is a new default event that Facebook introduced in their last pixel update. You can read more about it here: It’s important to note that Unbounce has no control over the default events that Facebook adds to their pixel. You should be able to modify this by using the Event Setup Tool in the in the Meta Events Manager.


As for tracking conversions as leads, if you’re not a fan of adding the lead tracking event to your thank you page or form confirmation dialogue then another option would be to use the Event Setup Tool referenced above. If you navigate to the ‘Track Conversion Events with FB Pixel’ part of our documentation you’ll see ‘Option 2: Tracking Conversion Events Using Meta's Event Setup Tool’. 


Please just keep in mind (as referenced in the doc) that if you run into any trouble using this tool, we’d recommend reaching out to Meta's support team or support center, as the Event Setup Tool is outside the scope of Unbounce's support.


I hope this helps @S72Headshots. You’ll be on the campaign trail in no time! 💪