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I'm French and I don't have access to CallRail to track leads that come from calls for my customer. 
I would like the calls to be in the “leads” section and to be notified by email like when a user fills in a form. 
Is this possible? 
Thanks in advance!
PS: I do lead gen on google ads. 

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Hey @Yruine, thanks for posting! 👋 


With the CallRail integration, it’s important to remember that this was built entirely at CallRail’s end. If it is not working as you expected, I would recommend reaching out to their team for troubleshooting steps. You can review their setup instructions below:


I have seen setups in the past where the phone call leads are pushed into the Unbounce leads tab, and this should in turn result in an email notification being sent (as long you have our email notification integration setup):


In short, what you are looking to do is possible, and has been done in the past, but we have no control or insight regarding the CallRail setup requirements. If you are unable to achieve the desired setup by using the help articles I have provided above, I would recommend reaching out to CallRail for further help. 


I hope this helps @Yruine, I’m sure you’ll be crushing those campaigns in no time! 💪

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Hi @Yruine, have you been able to fix that? If not, I can take a look for you.