[How-to] Create a Collapsible Page Section

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Hi, I’m having the same issue…
Someone managed to resolve this?

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I understand the frustration.
I’ve stopped trying and now i use lightbox.
You create the question you want and you had a transparent button to lightbox (containing only the link) over your question. this way you’re not limited by the design restriction of the button.
Only limitation, is the number of light box (20) and the more you add, the slower the builder will get (at least for me).

Hey everyone,

I have been looking for a solution here and in other forums, but none of them gave me the solution I needed.

Most scripts don’t work well with the absolute positioning of the Unbounce sections.
After hours of search and hours of testing, I have created a version that does work very nicely with Unbounce.

I was thinking to keep it for myself, but then I decided to offer it for a small price for everyone who really needs this feature. Here is the link https://gum.co/tUiUf and use the code ‘earlybird’.

Contact me there if you need any modifications or help with the implementation.

Does this javascript get pasted in the Head, Before Body, or After Body?


My collapsible page section is working, but when I open it the background of my landingpage changes to white in the sections below. However, the overall background of my page is set to black.

Anybody who knows why this happens and how I can solve it? The landingpage is https://www.allroundflandrien.be/ and you can find the collapsible page section if you click on ‘gallerij’ in the navigation and the button ‘Meer foto’s bekijken’ (= show more pictures).

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,