Would love feedback on our landing page - eCommerce SaaS product


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
I am trying to solve lead generation in our company. At the moment, we get about about 15 inbound inquiries a month and I’d like to 2-3X that.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Paid traffic via Facebook (targeting shopify store owners - figured that’s where they live)
Done a few podcasts
Haven’t explored LinkedIn ads nor Adwords yet

3: What is your conversion goal?
Our Conversion Rate is a dismal 0.32% out of 12K views.

I’d like to start creating different landing pages to test different value props, copy, CTA.

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:

Here’s what I have so far. Any constructive feedback would be awesome.



Love the look and feel of your landing page personally.

  1. Maybe a/b split test a shorter heading to see if they digest content better - in my experience, less is more (I didn’t really read your subheading because there was a lot to read in the main heading, so i skipped to the retention marketing features)

For Example
Boost E-commerce Customer Spend by Up to 300%
(Or the CTA you used at the bottom - “Grow Your Revenue With Retention Rocket”)
Our Tool Boosts Customer Loyalty and Retention For Bigger, Long-term Profit.
(or some stat about how a retained customer spends 200% more the second time)

2.Retention Marketing Features - I like the ghost boxes and the icons are all uniform. The micro animation you use is nice but makes me think that they’re clickable buttons, which distracts me from my goal of starting a trial (and may frustrate a user if they want to learn more and think that it’;s a button that doesn’t work).

  1. Love the stats! I would have this section above the features as a credibility boost - 100 brands are using it… i’m wondering why… at this point the features list would beneficial in my UJ

  2. the hubspot form is nice, try to keep consistency with the CTA and button you used on the landing page if you can “Start Your Free Trial” reduces any psychological friction that they’re handing over details and not getting their free trial right now.

  3. The navigation (on desktop) - I clicked one of the options, it animated down to the correction section, but then I had issues scrolling on your page and the sticky navigation disappeared - not sure if this is an isolated incident - just keep a check that your visitors aren’t experiencing the same thing - this will likely damage your conversion rates. Take a look at webpage recording tool such as Hotjar etc.

Hope this helps

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