Why is this product page not converting? Free version for the best feedback

Hi everyone!

Cubbit raised more than $1M on Indiegogo. That shows there is a demand for our product, so what’s wrong with this page? https://order.cubbit.io/

I’m looking for some brutally honest feedback, so don’t hold back. You’ll get free access if you provide an insightful review.

Thank you!

Hi Lucas, here’s some feedback in a video for you: https://www.loom.com/share/f7262106f28d4787888bd424904cf557


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Thank you so much, really helpful! I’ve just implemented most of your feedback.

P.s. Drop me an email at lucas.clara@cubbit.io if you want to try it for free

Hey Lucas,

The version I’m seeing is where you’ve implemented Nicholas’ feedback already, so hopefully this is helpful too…

That said, as somebody who I’d think is probably your target market, I found myself wanting to go to your main website to learn more about how the product actually works.

Here were some things working for and against you, as I read down the page:

  • The prominence of Indiegogo on your main website gave me a slight knee-jerk bad reaction. Has literally nothing to do with you guys, and everything to do with one of my close friends getting scammed on Indiegogo
  • Beyond that, after learning how it works I still would have wanted to order
  • I would have liked to see “distributed cloud” defined sooner (my understanding is that you encrypt pieces of my data and send them all over)
  • I’d expect an asterisk next to the word encrypt, with a note at the bottom about what encryption algorithms you use. Even people who have no idea what an encryption algorithm means will be more likely to convert
  • I agree with Nicholas about using Wistea to host and embed your video. Their free plan is pretty good, if I recall correctly

A really important factor for converting on this page – price. This is obviously outside the bounds of landing page critique, but I’d love it if you guys had a cheaper way to buy in and experiment with your solution. It would be great if I could get a small USB for a cheaper cost, to be able to see hands-on if your solution is really easy, feels fast, secure, looks good, etc. Also, it’s a bit jarring that your second-down item on Indiegogo is actually the cheapest.

Anyways, hope this is helpful and I’d love to experiment with your product!

I think the hero section, in particular, still needs work.

While I like that you’re calling out a differentiator, and “the first” is a good phrase, I think it’s still a bit unclear. I’m not sure exactly what a distributed cloud is. More importantly, it doesn’t offer a benefit. Why should users care? What’s in it for them?

I also think that the supporting copy under your headline is a bit dense for a hero section. You only have a few seconds when someone lands on the page to grab them.

I think your Indigogo page does a better job of this. The subhead on that does a nice job of explaining what what’s in it for the customer in specific terms. And the list of features on the video screen grab are larger than they are on your landing page, so they stand out more on the crowdfunding page. There, they stand out and work like bullet points.

Honestly, just taking those elements you could have a more effective hero area. Something like:

Cubbit logo
Headline: Turn any hard drive into a privacy-first cloud
Subhead: Sync, back up & share files from anywhere, anytime

  • No monthly fees
  • Privacy by design
  • Up to 4TB of storage
  • 100% secure back up
  • Remote access to files

Call to action: Order Now
Secondary call to action: Learn more ((linking to the sections below))

The messaging is clearly working on your crowdfunding page, so why stray too far from it?

Best of luck.

Thank you Rachel, your feedback is very helpful! Email me at lucas.clara@cubbit.io if you’d like to try Cubbit for free

Thank you Sean, we will take your input into consideration – very helpful!

Hey Lucas!

Here’s a couple pointers to improve your site conversions: