🧠 What's a good conversion rate?

Hello friends!

Maybe you saw it, perhaps not, but Unbounce unveiled a brand new Conversion Benchmark Report last week that answers marketer’s age-old question: what’s a good conversion rate?

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The report’s packed with benchmarks across 16 major industries and +34K landing pages. It’s full of machine learning insights about your content’s word count, copy sentiment, and reading ease.

Our data team paired up with a machine learning algorithm and cranked out:

:brain: Sentiment analysis showing which emotions in a piece of copy correlate with better conversion rates.
:speaking_head: Best reading ease level for your copy, depending on your industry.
:memo: The perfect word count for your landing pages in order to convert better.

Here are some previews of what kind of tidbits you can take away from the report:

Real Estate:

Most real estate landing pages convert around 2.2% (commercial properties perform better).


With a median conversion rate of 5% , landing pages built to advertise apps perform better than the general software baseline— 72% better.


When it comes to your landing pages, remember: fear leads to anger, anger leads to fewer conversions . (And, yeah, so does sadness. And any negative language in general.) We’re not saying that you need to be a ray of legal sunshine—this is an industry that often deals with delicate subjects, after all. But know that pressing on pain points is probably going to be less effective than emphasizing professionalism and positive outcomes

Fitness and Nutrition:

Click-through CTAs for fitness and nutrition convert almost 2.5X better

You’d better believe I’ll be referencing this puppy in the #landing-page-feedback category. Hopefully this provides some context to what kind of conversion rate you’re seeing on your landing pages. That being said, there’s always room for improvement with testing and receiving feedback from the pros on all your landing pages.

Did you already read the Conversion Benchmark Report? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, did anything surprise you? Do you have questions? I’m all ears in the thread below :ear:


@Jess, is there a PDF version of the report?

Hey Brandon!

Great question. We decided to go with a web version this year, but I’ll relay this to the content team for consideration incase they have other plans down the road. The report will live here indefinitely, so feel free to bookmark this page and/or direct others here.

I’m all ears if you have any feedback :slight_smile:


@Jess, I think a PDF version will help accomplish two things

  1. It will make it easier for people to reference and read, since we can store it locally on any device
  2. It will help Unbounce establish/cement itself as the leader in landing page builder and optimization platforms because a PDF can be distributed more easily

I am really happy and grateful that Unbounce undertook the gargantuan task of making this resource. It’s much easier for me to point to this when I speak with prospective and current clients and show them why they should work with my agency. Thank you!

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