Weird leads "phone_call"


Hey guys,

I’m seeing weird leads in my lead CSV (see image attached). Anyone know where these are coming from? We have CallRail on the page, so maybe from there?


Hi Evan,

Have you set up the Unbounce x CallRail integration?


I’m fairly certain that’s the CallRail integration. The annoying part about that integration is that the client also gets notified by email of the call lead even though there isn’t any information in it (unless that’s changed recently). We have actually removed the CallRail integration from Unbounce because of how the leads are tracked.


Hey Evan,

It looks like CallRail is pushing that lead when someone calls you. Unfortunately you cannot disable this on Unbounce’s side since it is something that Call Rail pushes with the code. I believe someone mentioned before you can toggle this off on the Call Rail side, but don’t quote me on this.


Thanks for your help!


Thanks Adam. Really frustrating :frowning:


As an alternative, you can turn off email notifications in Unbounce and then fire an email notification using Zapier. I think that would allow you to track phone conversions without the annoying email notifications to you or your client.