Web link in the page


Unbouncer folks!

I am new to Unbounce, so please don’t mind me asking this novice question.

I am working on this website, and it contain some web-links, but they seems to be going to funny link rather than to actual link.

Could someone please help!

Thank in advance,


Hey Soomro,

Ah, yes, I see. It’s happening on all of your external links. What URL format are you putting into the link field for these links?

Have you tried using a full URL, such as http://www.mitrae.com , exactly like that?



Hi Ncholas,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, i am putting axactly the same URL you mentioned. Also tried variations, but it’s still directing to http://mitrae.com/clkg/http/www.mitrae.com/ rather than the http://www.mitrae.com

Is it a bug?

Thank in advance,