Viral Referral Tracking


Hi there

I’m loving Unbounce! By far the easiest platform for building site with no coding experience. Even better now that we can create responsive pages.

For my landing page i’m wanting to incentivise users to refer friends by offering $5 credits.

In order to do this I need to give users a unique code after they signup that they can share and we can then track.

I’ve found several services that cater to this functionality, but many are quite pricey.

Can anyone recommend anything to help achieve this functionality.


Can anyone help with this?


Hey David

I can’t think of a good solution to do this on our platform alone nor do I know of any alternatives myself. Wish I had more suggestions, but hopefully someone else can chime in with a suitable solution or service.


Thanks anyway. Branch metrics have the perfect solution but it only works when you have an app in the App Store. I know of another landing page platform that also has something like this (not sure if it’s built in house or if they leverage another platform) but don’t really want to use it.

Hopefully someone else has some suggestion.


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I’ve been using Invite Box - it’s difficult to get it to work with simply sharing the page, but it’s good for incentives conversions. So if someone converts on the landing page (eg, signs up for a webinar) it’ll automatically send them an update saying they completed the goal and you can send them their reward. It’s not perfect but it works pretty well. Hope this helps!


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Hi Cailin! 
Do you have an example page this is currently running on? I’d like to dig into this a little further and check out how it works.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


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