Video stops in Mobile View when go from Vertical to Horizontal.


I’m not a tech guy and would appreciate some advice. I had someone build me a one page Wordpress website.

The goal is to send the website link to one specific company, so they can see a video I have created (so this is not a landing page designed for marketing or clicks).

Desktop view:

When I go to the website and click to watch the video, the video opens to the full page, which is great.

Mobile view:

If the video is opened in Vertical View, then the person turns the phone to Horizontal View (to fill the entire screen), after a second or two the video stops.

Can this be easily fixed?

(The tech guy I’m using thinks it’s something to do with Eliminator, and has contacted their support, but no reply yet).

Is there another simple and inexpensive solution?

Many thanks for any advice.

Is this page built in WordPress or Unbounce? I’m confused.

That being said I have heard of this glitch before. It is a phone issue on many OSs. You can try to toggle your rotation settings on your phone on or off, or clear your YouTube cache on the phone. I had this issue once.

Thanks for your reply.
The page is built in Wordpress.

The problem is I don’t know what mobile device the person viewing the video will have.

Well, if it is WordPress I would recommend digging around the WP forums to see if it is a WP or WP Plugin issue.

As for the phone, you can ask … or you will never know :slight_smile:

Thank you, yes, that makes sense!
Many thanks for your help. :smiley: