Vertical full page Scroll Snapping

Hi all

Thank you so far for all info available on the community page. It has been very helpful for a non-developer user like myself.

I am looking for scroll snapping, vertical and full page. I need a landing page with 3 scrolls only.

Is there anyone that can help me with code?

I found this link with exactly what I need, but I have been trying to adapt it to unbounce without success:

PLEASE refer to Example 3: Vertical full screen

Thank you all!

Hey @Bruna_Iorio,

What you are trying to achieve is not impossible but extremely hard to do on Unbounce due to the way the builder sets up the pages.

The scroll snapping would take an unproportionate number of hours to implement and you would need some really serious front-end skills to be able to pull it off.

I would strongly advise you on coming up with alternative ways to design and implement your page.


Hi Hristian

Thank you for your reply.

I am new here and I am trying to figure out what Unbounce has to offer regarding mobile navigation.

I am used to other website builders and I am filling very unproductive with Unbounce. I think the reason is that many website development features are not available at 1-click as other builders that I am used to.

I have chosen to test Unbounce for its power on the conversion perspective. But if I continue to feel unproductive I will have to change my plans (unfortunately).

Thank you again for your reply.

Hi @Bruna_Iorio,

No worries. Any new tool can feel overwhelming in the beginning.

One thing, I think might help is realizing Unbounce is not a website builder.
(Yes, you can hack it to build a full website through it but that’s not the intended purpose)

It’s essentially a tool that allows you to quickly build, test and optimize landing pages.
I’ve been designing and optimizing landing pages for over 6 years now and I can confidently say that there is no better tool in the market at this moment.

Yes, there are hundreds of website builders out there with thousands of features backed in but again that’s not the intended purpose of Unbounce.

What it boils down to us: speed, flexibility and integrations.

Would it be nice to have a few more features - absolutely!
However, we also realize, design features, bells and whistles on your page are not going to move the needle much if at all.

The 3 main things that would affect your landing page performance:

  1. Traffic targeting and segmentation - If you can precisely target your traffic source and you are able to bring in quality traffic to your landing page, Unbounce allows you to serve them custom tailored landing page that speaks directly to their need or pain point. Need to test a new audience or potential market offer. A few clicks and your landing page now speaks directly to that new audience.

  2. Copywriting - It doesn’t matter if you’ve dialed in your traffic source if the actual copywriting on your page can’t carry it’s own weight. Copy can make or break your campaigns.

  3. Design - This is in 3rd place because a well targeted, compelling offer needs good design. However, good design doesn’t mean all the latest design trends thrown on a page. To us good design is about setting the subconscious mood of your visitors before they’ve had a chance to read a single word on your page. Design does matter.

Why I’m mentioning all of this?

Simply because, when you have a well thought out campaign, Unbounce would allow you to execute on it in record time.
(Of course, once you get over the initial learning curve)

Also, when you combine 1, 2 and 3 from above, you’ll most likely end up with a relatively “simple”, well designed page that solves a pain and/or a need for your visitor. One page, one goal, one action - everything else on the page is to support the one action idea.

The initial post here is about scroll snapping - it’s simply a trend. To be honest, an annoying one at that because the average user expects his actions with the mouse/touchpad to act in an expected way on the screen. Highjacking the mouse’s expected functions is not a good way to start building trust and confidence.

As far as mobile navigation - do you really need it for a landing page serving a single goal? It’s a genuine question.

So to wrap this up… is Unbounce the best tool for all use cases. No. Absolutely no.

However, it is the best tool for landing pages.


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Hi Hristian

Thank you for your reply.

I am interested in landing pages for mobile. Any Unbounce content, community ticket/info or training regarding it will be helpful.

(Edit: I have just found this

Thank you again.