Unexpected Unbounce trackers on all our UB landing pages

Hello, our company has a huge focus on privacy and marketing trackers, sadly we have recently discovered that Unbounce is adding to all our landing pages its corporate trackers from:

Since we have hundreds of landing pages on Unbounce we may leave the platform as we want to be in control of any marketing tracker on our landing pages.

Is there any possibility to switch these Unbounce trackers off or remove them?

Looking forward to that, I have opened a ticket to discuss this but hopefully I can get a first feedback also here.

Thank you

Hi Danilo!

I ran this by our Support team and they’ve let me know that you’re already in the queue. They’ll be better equipped to help you out with this, because they’ll likely have to take a look in your account and we can’t do that from here :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out! Happy page building