Unbounce + Wordpress and/or Woocommerce --> sales funnel ideas?


Does anyone have recommendation when using unbounce as part of a sales funnel with a checkout page
Landing page --> checkout page 
I saw you can integrate unbounce with wordpress. Is it possible to further expand this chain with something like woocommerce etc?
Or simply CTAs that take you to a checkout page is the answer here? (woocomemrce only example I can think of right now)
Has anyone build anything similar? Maybe there are better platforms to use in this case?

Does anyone have any ideas on that?


I am not aware of anyway for a deeper integration like you mention, and if there is something, would love to learn it.

Linking CTAs to WooCommerce can be the next-best alternative. You can even use a plugin like Store App’s WooCommerce Buy Now plugin to create links that add a product to the cart, optionally apply a coupon, and take user to the checkout (or any other page) directly. (Refer to the second screenshot on that page)



Hi Ole,

I have done something similar in the past! You can do it via URL parameter to achieve that.

For example in the CTA button just set this URL:

Here is more info about woocommerce URL parameter: http://www.remicorson.com/add-woocommerce-variable-product-with-variations-to-cart/


Not the best solution, but in the past we have used an iframe to “embed” it on unbounce. Not really recommended though.

Honestly, direct to buy clickthroughs work just fine. However, you could technically build an API for this and some JS to embed the WooCommerce product. Shopify has a plugin that does this very successfully.

But, at the end of the day checkout will always take place off unbounce - as it should. Its an LP platform not e-comm :slight_smile:


Agreed. However reducing amount of clicks is seminal to boost conversions, thus highly desired


Suggest a new e-comm feature :stuck_out_tongue:

But, on a serious note - these really are the only options that I know of.

Best of luck!


@Oleksandr_Ponomarenk If the product/service you are selling doesn’t require a full-blown checkout process, you can do it right on your page with Stripe’s payment widget.

It’s a bit limiting and works best with fairly simple and straightforward products/services but it’s an option never the less.


this is pretty cool and worth giving it a shot



How do you get that functionality working? Thx.


Hi @Justin1,

You’ll have to be a bit more specific in regards to which functionality?



Stripe Payment widget, which you show an example of in this Topic.




Hi @Justin1,

My example is just the Stripe payment widget made to work on an Unbounce page.

Here you can find the necessary documentation to get you started.