Unbounce Popup within Iframe in Web Application


Is it possible for an Unbounce popup to be triggered within an Iframe in an external web app?

We’ve tested using two simple pages on our internal test server:

  • Page 1: simple page with the script tag added to the
  • Page 2: simple page containing Iframe with page 1 as source

The Unbounce popup triggers correctly when page 1 is accessed, however it does not display when opening page 2. The bundle.js file is received but the network traffic (as viewed within Chrome dev tools) stops at that step.


Never tried this… It may not be working because the popup script is on the parent page and not in the iFrame.

In your scenario, I think your “parent page” is your iFrame. Can you place the script in the head of your iFrame?


Sorry, I’m not sure I quite understand your suggestion.
Are you saying add the script tag to the head tag of the web page that contains the iFrame?


I’m thinking your iFrame would need to be more robust and include the Unbounce Popup Script inside the frame and not the parent page.

Disclaimer: I’ve never tried this…

<script> !PUT UNBOUNCE SCRIPT HERE! </script>
Blah blah frame page stuff blah blah