Unbounce native form causing 2 increase in page load time

I noticed when I remove the native unbounce form (the one you drag and drop from the unbounce page builder) my page load speed according to GTmetrix is 1.6s, normally with my form on the page the load speed is 3.5 seconds. Does the form really cause that much of a delay??

Hey @Jonathan_Whitaker!

To be honest, I haven’t heard of this before. If you’d like, you can share the page here and maybe some of the other community peeps (and I) can take a look!

Page speed is something that our support team tackles all the time though - so if you wanted to do a deep dive on this, you can get in touch with us via support@unbounce.com. :raised_hands:

This is no longer an issue, seems to have randomly resolved itself.