Unbounce doesnt support facebook browser!


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve?

80% of my total traffic cant use my unbounce based landing page!
80% of my total traffic (Facebook mobile campaign) are opening by default our landing page on Facebook in-app browser. I just found out that Unbounce don’t support Facebook browser and the result is that the landing page is completely corrupted for these visitors and they cant fill the form.
I’m talking about 80% of my 5000+ monthly visitors, that i paid for each and everyone of them, have just gone to waste.
Unbounce support just said that they are sorry but they cant help. I’ve been working with them for the last 6 years and i’m afraid to think how much money was wasted.

You can see here the hotjar recordings. http://bit.ly/2js2IP0

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
facebook campaigns

3: What is your conversion goal?

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:

this page is in hebrew but the same happens to my english landing page as well.

to see the problem you need to share this link in facebook and then open it.

  • from my testing it happens in samsung devices. doesnt happen with iphones


Hi @gilp! I’m going to look into this to see if there’s a way we can avoid this happening to other folks.

Thanks for passing this information along in such detail, and I’m really sorry you had what sounds like a frustrating experience.

Stay tuned! I’ll provide as much info as I can!


That’s weird I’ve never had any issue with our Unbounce pages opening in the Facebook browser.


Thanks Jess,
got any insights?


Hi Zoe,
No problem on my mobile as well. It doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist on many others…


I would say that the hotjar recording doesn’t always perfectly display things (i’ve been caught out in the past) - you have to figure what is real and what is a hotjar (all of them - not just hotjar).


we’ve generated 1077 leads on fb today split by OS as follows (all on a UB page):

iOS - 464 - 12% conversion from click
Android - 508 - 7.2% conversion from click

windows (desktop) - 93 - 9.3% conversion from click

These have all passed through two UB pages to convert to a lead - and are very respectable when compared to other traffic sources.

Just from my stats - if there is an issue it must affect very few. I think it’s likely to be a glitch in the way hotjar is recording it.


Hey @gilp,

The issue is not with Unbounce, your LP work just fine on FB browser, it’s the live recording service that is not recording the session correctly.
We had the same issues with Crazyegg, and after a conversation with them it was cleared that the problem is with their recording method not reading the CSS correctly.

I’m pretty sure that the Hotjar are suffering from the same problem…


I recently contacted HotJar about not showing all of my recordings. They replied back saying they don’t support the Facebook browser and that recordings would not show up if people are using the Facebook browser…


I’ve experienced this issue. The page renders perfectly on chrome but looks awful on Facebook browser. I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S8+