Unbounce + Animate (html5+JS) + Clicktags


Hey all!

So I have the ability to make interactive infographics using Adobe Animate CC. I call them ‘interactive’ because the infographic acts like a small survey - but with pictures and unique user journeys via yes or no buttons. The final output comes out as html5 and Javascript.

I want to be able to embed one of these on an unbounce landing page. I assume I can add one through ‘custom html’ and then javascript using copy and paste.

I then want to add clicktags or event tags to each button so that I can track the user journey.
I can provide an example ‘interactive infographic’.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.



So I have got as far as embedding the html5 document on my page


If anyone could help me on clicktags I would greatly appreciate it - is it even possible to track every button that I have in the html document? I guess we will find out!