Unable to build pages and maintain pages that meet web accessibility criteria with Unbounce

Is there a way to make the content semantically ordered on the DOM? As far as I can tell, there is not a way to make the content display naturally for users that rely on keyboard and screen reader navigation. Visually, the content appears in an order that I want a user to read the information, but when I navigate with keyboard or screen reader, I am jumping all over the page and the content is ordered completely illogically for an end user. It seems to be that whatever order the module/content block is added in Unbounce is the order in which the keyboard/screen reader navigation will read it. That means any time I want to modify the page or move items around, I would need to rebuild the page so that it meets accessibility criteria.

See WCAG 2.1 criteria 1.3.1, 1.3.2, and 2.4.3