Two actions from unbounce landing page button click


I’m trying to send my form submit to a thank you page and at the same time as that button click, open up a pop up with an ebook so CTA is ‘download now’, opens ebook in separate window then in parent window goes to thank you page. Can anyone help me with this code and my run on sentences? thanks!


Hey @gunderw1,

I’m a little unclear on your question. This is what I believe your set up is:

  1. Page with a form
  2. On submit, go to a thank you page with a pop up (Is this pop up an Unbounce overlay?)
  3. On clicking ‘download now’ on the pop up, close the pop up and open the ebook in a new tab.

If this is the case it is easy enough to write a hook for the ‘download now’ button to open a link in a new tab.


  1. Page with form
  2. On submit, go to a thank you page on our website on parent window.
  3. At the same time, ebook opens in pop up window


Have you considered using an Unbounce Convertable overlay (pop up)?

If you were to put one on the thank you page you would be able to show it when a visitor arrives on the page. With advanced targeting, you could determine whether or not to show the overlay based on the referrer or a cookie.

There’s more info here

I hope this helps achieve your goal.


What’s the use case for doing it this way, just curious? Why not just have the form submission redirect to a “thank you” page, and on that page have a big button to access the PDF?