Trying to link to other page with Button but I get an error



New here…

I set up a landing page and I added a button to link to a page on my website. But when I test that button and link I get the following error:

“The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.”

But the page does exist because when I copy the link into a blank address bank it goes to my page.

What can be the problem?


Hey @FreddieM :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community!!! It’s lovely to have you here :smiley:

Can I check with you - when you are testing your button are you doing this on the live published page or within the ‘preview’ screen? You get to preview by clicking this button in the corner of your edit page

If it is preview you are navigating to, unfortunately a limitation we have in that view is that we are unable to display external URLs - so we get that error that you are seeing.

However, if you are finding this happening on your live page though, please feel to send in a support ticket to and we’ll be super happy to jump in and have a look at what might be happening here for you.
Thanks @FreddieM and I really hope you enjoy your time in the community :raised_hands: