TrustPilot Integration


We have a TrustPilot account and I was wondering if there was an easy/quick way to integrate the TrustPilot reviews with an Unbounce landing page?


Hi Radhika, 
It looks like there hasn’t been any movement on this question, so I just wanted to reach out and let you know that this _should _be possible by dropping a TrustPilot widget onto your landing page. I don’t have any examples to show, but here’s a quick script I found that you could use as inspiration to get this up and running:

Also, if you do _get this up and running - I’d love to see what the final result looks like!


I can confirm that their ‘trustbox’ widgets work fine in unbounce pages. I was confused about it until I figured out that the ‘custom html’ module has a bounding box that must be sized to fix the content. After I figured that out, it worked great :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you for the tip! I’ll try that out! :slight_smile:


wooow, great information…

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Do you happen to have any example of that code to fit correctly, having a hell of a time trying to make trustpilot work on my LP