Tracking Outbound links via GTM


Hey there,

I am using Google Tag Manager in my Unbounce page. I use it for nearly all the tracking. We started to include a press page as a trust element. We are having a few outbound links there to the articles. I therefore want to track the clicks on the outbound links via GTM.

I come across the following issue with my trigger. Imagine my page is and I have an article linked at I usually would set the trigger to click Url doesn’t contain or regular expression. Therefore the tag is not triggered when clicked on internal links.

The difficulty is that unbounce shows the link as instead of This means I can’t simply exclude in the trigger.

Does anyone have a solution how I can either set the trigger right or how I can change the unbounce link so, it doesn’t include the first part.

Thank you.


Hi Florian,

Did you by any chance able to track the external link?
I am also working on the same thing and having the similar issues.

Your suggestion would be much appreciated.



Hi Parvesh,

I just read about the possibility to remove the clkn wrapper: Disable clkn Wrapper

I didn’t try it out yet, but it should help.