Tracking Conversions


I’m curious to hear how you track your conversions and attribute them back to the source. Are you primarily using Unbounce’s page-level data and adding it to a spreadsheet along with your media cost data, or primarily using Google Analytics goals, or using tracking scripts from your paid media platform (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.)?

There are so many different ways to track conversion goals with Unbounce. Just wanted to see what everyone is using and see if there are any interesting tools or tactics to check out.


Hey Nicholas,

I’ve been using unbounce for about 5 months now - and I still don’t know much about tracking.

But the only way I have been doing it is with UTM codes and then hidden utm codes in the form - probably the easiest way to track as it literally takes about 2 minutes to set it all up.

I’d love to find ways to track individual clicks from an html canvas (which is inside a custom html box) as I have a huge project coming up which requires that so if anyone knows, I would love some help!


@Nicholas great Q! For the most part, we use Google Analytics to aggregate all of our data + conversions (goals). Unfortunately, attribution is not always 100% accurate, so we allow for a small margin of error.

When it comes to optimization via microdata, we’ll make sure that AdWords/Bing conversions are set up so that we can quickly and easily view which campaings, ad groups, ad copies, keywords, devices, days of the week, hours of the day etc. perform best.

Additionally, when it comes to lead scoring, we’ll export all leads into a google sheet and manually score them. For calls, we track/record all calls via CallRail and score them inside their pretty dashboard.

If possible, we set up our customers on a great sales CRM called Pipedrive and lead scoring can be done directly in there.

For larger campaigns, we offer a great custom live dashboard & reporting tool called NinjatCat that displays data across all PPC channels.


Do you also have GA set up? I would suggest you do for some pretty sweet data.


Hey guys this thread is a few months old but I’m new in the community so wanted to chime in.

I’ve used analytics tools like Mixpanel and Amplitude to track visitors and opt ins via unbounce pages all the way through to their longer term product usage (assuming it’s an online product like software or e-commerce). And also when I want to push that data to various other tools like Email tools and back to advertising tools as conversions since it’s much easier to use than GTM.

Segment also has a feature where they can dump raw data into a data warehouse and pull in cost and targeting data from Adwords and Facecbook, plus they pull down data from Salesforce. That means you’re able to string together the whole customer journey from the ad targeting and cost information to a click through, opt in, and ultimately a sale made in Salesforce, even if that sale happened over the phone or some other offline medium. is another tool that pulls down data from various ad platforms and SaaS vendors to run this kind of analysis, including raw data from Google Analytics and Mixpanel.

If anyone is interested in that let me know I’m happy to share more details.


Hey @BardAnalytics, I’m running into some roadblocks in tracking our conversions all the way back to the source, the ‘conversion’ being a trial-signup completion that occurs on another subdomain. We’re currently using Segment to track in-app events, and ideally would like to be able to track the ‘complete signup’ event back to the original source campaign. I’m just getting started on my research on this so any help/pointers you can give would be much appreciated!

I should also add that we’ve tried adding a tracking pixel to the signup app once before but it ended up breaking it. So now I’m trying to see if there’s a way to get this done via Segment/without having to get our developers involved.


Which tool would you like to use to see the funnel and/or make the connection between a user account and where that person came from? Google Analytics? Other analytics tools? A data warehouse? The answer to that question impacts my advice on how to collect the data via Segment :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the quick response @BardAnalytics ! Google Analytics please :slight_smile:


@mae as long as Segment is loading GA on all pages where people land from external sources and also all pages where conversion events happen, the subdomain vs regular domain shouldn’t matter.

If Segment is already set up with an event that gets recorded when someone starts a trial and also completes signup, those events should show up in GA, and you can create a GA goal defined by the events. You can check your list of Segment events in your Segment schema page.

To find the events in GA, go to the events report and show Event Actions.

The best way to do this kind of attribution in Segment is to use the Segment-powered warehouses, but for GA hopefully this gets you pointed in the right direction. Feel free to ask follow up questions here in the forum or grab some time to chat here.