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I’m new to Unbounce and am just hoping to get clarity before I get too far into all of this -

I am setting up an Unbounce landing page which will lead to my customers checking out via a WordPress/WooCommerce checkout.

If I am planning on using UTM tracking, will my conversions track through? Or is there anything additional that I’ll need to set up?

Thanks for your help!!


Hi @BenSwanson,

Assuming your landing pages are on the same domain as your store and your GA is set up properly, UTM tracking should work without any additional modifications needed.

Side note: Please don’t add UTM parameters to your internal landing page links. UTM parameters should be used only once for for incoming traffic to the landing page.


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Hi @Hristian

Thanks so much for coming back to me on this!

So, just to confirm, as long as my Unbounce account is connected to my domain, this will work without an issue?

I’m just trying to figure out how the two applications work together -

My Wordpress site (and domain) will be on one server and my Unbounce pages are, presumably on the Unbounce server, does that not make a difference?

Are you able to help me understand how Unbounce pages interact with servers and domains? Apologies for the vague question, I’m still in the process of learning how this all works!

Thank you!!


Hi @BenSwanson,

Since your main site is on WordPress and you are using the Unbounce WordPress plug-in to serve your landing pages, for all intents and purposes it’s the “same” site.

To Google Analytics, it doesn’t matter what page gets served from where or what server. GA data relies on cookies to track visitors.

If you are on the same domain then there shouldn’t be any issues.

Now all of the above assumes that your GA is set up properly.

In any case, you should have a checklist to go through before launching new campaigns. Part of that checklist should include making sure tracking is working as expected.


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Thanks @Hristian! Very useful explanation!

I’ve been looking at the support page around tracking conversions here:

And it says:

" *** Important : In cases where your Unbounce page and the External conversion page are on the same WordPress domain the below script will not work correctly. If you are interested in using the External Conversion Script with your WordPress pages, please contact*** "

Is this something you have any familiarity/experience with? Or any ideas on how I should be setting this up to ensure there isn’t an issue here?

I’m coming from Shopify and in Shopify you simply add your GA to the theme and it ensures that you have all conversions tracked automatically.

Is there a solution like that for Unbounce and WordPress?



The external tracking is only if the conversion happens outside of your landing page and you want to push information about it back to Unbounce.

Here you can read about Google Analytics and Unbounce.



So yes, my objective would be to push the information back into Unbounce so that I can track how the initial landing page affects conversions.

Is this achievable? And if so, do you know how it can be achieved?

Thanks again for your continued help!


Hey @BenSwanson,

My advice would be to use Google Analytics as your “once source of truth” when it comes to data.

Even if you push data about conversion back to Unbounce, all you’ll get is a single number. You can’t drill down the data, you can’t compare it, you can’t pull up various reports about devices, browsers, screen sizes, etc.

All of these are necessary if you are planning to do any serious analysis.


P.S. You can always contact Unbounce support and they can help you out with external tracking if that’s still what you want to do.


Thanks for your help, Hristian!

All the best,


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