[Tips & Tricks] Supercharged Copy & Paste


Hi folks!

Recently we released an awesome little feature called copy & paste to save you time and effort when creating landing pages. What you might not know is that we baked in a lot of extra functionality to make this feature even more powerful.

Let’s start with the basics. The copy and paste buttons are stationary at the top of the page builder.

But just like copy & paste on most desktop applications, you can quickly copy an element in the builder by simply pressing ctrl + c (windows) or cmd + c (mac). To paste it, use the shortcut ctrl + v (windows) or cmd + v (mac).

You can copy pretty much anything in the Unbounce page builder, including:

Single Objects :

Multiple Objects:

Page Sections:

You can also copy/paste:

  • Text

  • Images

  • Buttons

  • Boxes

  • Multiple Objects

  • Grouped Elements

  • HTML Boxes

  • Video Widgets

  • Social Widgets

  • Forms*

But that’s not all.

The absolute best part about copy & paste is that it works across pages, and across tabs. That’s right! You can copy something from one page , and paste it into another page on a different tab

Copy & Paste Between Pages/Tabs:

This has already saved us countless hours when building pages internally. Not only can you copy and paste complete page sections, but you can also copy complete forms as well. That means no more rebuilding your complex forms from scratch. Woo-hoo!

Have you used the copy/paste between pages yet?

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We use all copy, paste, duplicate features extensively - it’s a huge time saver. Well done, Unbounce!


This feature saved me A LOT of hours! Well done.


Hi Unbounce, this is a great tool! I was wondering if there was a way to copy/paste sections across different accounts? Here in my company each event has a dedicated account, but a lot of our campaigns are about the same things. It would be great, and save us loads of time, to be able to copy sections from one account to another (I tried using one account in Chrome and another in Firefox but this does not seem to allow the copy/pasting :()


Oh yes, love this feature!! Especially copying entire Page Section! Woot woot!!