Tiered Pricing in Unbounce?


Hi guys,

I’m setting up a landing page for an event that has multiple buying options at different price points. Is it possible to set this up through unbounce or paypal?

For example:

Option 1: $650 / Person
Option 2: $600 / Person
Option 3: $550 / Person



Hi Jason,

Your question would need a bit of clarification.

  1. Unbounce is a platform that allows you to quickly build, A/B test and launch landing pages.

  2. PayPal is a payment processor.

Unbounce doesn’t process payments and it’s up to you to integrate and use your payment processor of choice.

Having said that, you can set up 3 different variants for your landing page that each would have a different price ($650, $600, $550). That is, if you want to see which price point converts better.

If you are looking to have all 3 on the same page and allow the visitor to pick one of the 3 based on some other condition, you can do that as well.

If you provide a bit more clarification on what you are trying to achieve and the flow you need, I’m sure the community here can point you in the right direction.



Hi Hristian,

Thanks for responding. As you can see I’m new to Unbounce.

I am looking to have all 3 on the same page and allow the visitor to pick one of the 3 based on their choosing. There are different options for an event that have alternate price points and they would have to select one of the options based on their preference.

Right now an option I am looking at is just having a “Book Now” button that opens a lightbox, and having a paypal dropdown option there.



@Jason_Jacques I’ve worked with clients who had similar landing pages before (some use Paypal, others use Shopify buttons or Stripe).

What @Hristian shared with is spot on, and I’d do exactly that.

However, I don’t think you should use payment buttons on landing pages.

Allow me to explain: People don’t buy the moment you show up. They need time to make decisions and they might not even make that decision ever. If they did, your competition could be eating them alive for attention.

That’s why you should “build the lead database” – having them signup for something you give away for free – and then nurture these leads with email so that you get a brand lift, you stay in touch without being pushy, and you’ll make sales whenever they are ready to buy. This is how sales funnels should be, and it’s a modern-day equivalent of a pipeline.