Thoughts on our short-term employment landing page?


Hello everyone,

We’re about to launch our first B2B sales cycle for our nearly-launched startup Moonrise and I’d love to get your impressions on our landing page.

We haven’t formalized the pricing strategies yet and we’re still very early in understanding our sales funnels, but our biggest call to action is to get people interested enough to fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. The big driver to this page is cold-call emails through some of our existing business relationships, so people are coming to this page with a tiny bit of context.

The link to our current landing page is:

Thanks in advance!



Overall it’s a great start to landing pages. Short and too the point. The only thing I would change is the language of the ‘what we do’ section.

Make it 100% clear which group the page is for employers or workers. And change phrasing from ‘what we do’ to ‘what you get’ this will quickly change things from a list of features into a list of benefits.

Keep up the great work!


Hey there,

Nice page design! Here’s some feedback:

  1. I’d sharpen the main call-to-action. What you have now is “sign up to learn more.” It’s kinda generic. Nobody really wants to “sign up” or “learn more” anymore. Those terms are so overused, they are very bland to us as consumers. So maybe try something more exciting, like “Get VIP access to Moonlight” or “Start Building Your On-Demand Workforce.” You can for sure come up with better ones than my suggestions, but hopefully this helps point you in the right direction.

  2. The logo at the very top of the page is a bit hard to read. Consider darkening the header, or creating a solid color background section at the very top where the logo is to make it stand out more.

  3. Consider adding testimonials and trust logos to your page. These two elements are very helpful in general, and could help you improve conversion rates.

PS: It looks like you’re using Squarespace for this. Have you considered giving Unbounce a try? There are some fantastic Unbounce templates that are already conversion-optimized that I think would work very well for this type of page.

Chat soon,


I like it. I like the tone. I like the Idea and I like the design.

The main hero loaded a bit slow at my end. And I would consider the image. You demand a lot of that image and it has to be really really crisp. Maybe just photoshop some of the wear and tear marks on the sign? But it’s small potatoes. I really like the “bench” metaphor. Could you maybe use it a little earlier?