Third party API integration[clearoutphone] with Unbounce landing page form

Hey everyone! I Have a Form in one of my landing page which has a phone number input field. I want to validate the phone number by integrating the clearoutphone API and the form will be submitted on the basis of the results provided by the API (api will send the response whether the number is valid or invalid). If the response from the API is invalid then an error message must be displayed on the form and stop the submission of the form. I have tried a way by adding the javascript in my page to send the api call but the cors is restricting it. I just want to recieve the response from the api and to show it on from. Can you guys give a solution for this?


Hey @Waqas_Ahmed welcome to the Unbounce Community! :wave:

Have you tried this script? I used to use it to make a POST call to our database before submitting the form.

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