Sticky Bar Only Works Sometimes

I’ve been working on a landing page which uses a sticky bar. For a while, after building it, the sticky bar wouldn’t show up in my browser, although it would be fine on other computers when I tested it.

After I made some updates to the page, I’m not sure exactly what did it, but it started working consistently for my computer. However, I have a teammate who still can’t see it at all. I’ve tested it on several computers and it works fine, so it’s just this one teammate’s computer.

Are there any known bugs like this, where the sticky bar mysteriously won’t work for certain users? If so, any fixes I could try out? Thank you for taking the time to read :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. We had to give up with using a sticky bar as it only shows some times for some people, even when set to show on every visit. Not terribly useful.

This sounds like ad blocker. Some people run apps, or extensions, plug-ins, etc on their browsers that block pop-up and sticky bars.

Unbounce has a good article here on the subject.

There’s a good article here on how to “bypass” that.

Hope this helps.