Sporadic API Timeouts experienced



I am developing an Integration to unbounce using PHP via the API.

It’s working great, but every so often I get that curl is timing out. It’s usually at the start of the day when I am starting, then it starts working after like 10 minutes and it continues to work. It’s like it needs to ‘warm’ up for lack of better terminology.

Here is part of my php code to setup the API:

Are there any tips and tricks that I am missing when setting up the API.

Thank you!!


Hey there,

Is there a particular endpoint that you’re getting the timeouts (I’m assuming this is a 503 Gateway timeout) on? I’ve seen a case where another customer experience periodic 504s on the leads collection endpoint - we haven’t managed to track down the cause, but in that particular case there were a lot of leads so that might have had something to do with it.