Something is wrong with this LP. Please tell me what


Ok, so here’s the thing: I’ve been making a recruitment LP for my company, trying to get som new applicants for a sales job. We’ve tried it both in Norway and Finland now, and it just simply does not convert. At all.

I understand that it might be a stretch to ask for feedback as the text is in Finnish and Norwegian, but is there anything you see in UX or design here that’s just fundamentally bad? Because I’m truly at a loss.

Any feedback is appreciated.




Well, it’s tough to help here not knowing the how the narrative reads. If you could send me a english translation maybe I can help?

But, there are key things on recruiting pages. Here are a few examples of really goos ones, not LPs but still very well done.

But the bigger question is TRAFFIC! This is key to conversions. What does your campaign look like? Are you optimizing? Are you getting visits?

This will help me or anyone else here help you.


Hello @Magnus_Nygren_Syvers!

Overall looks fine but i believe you can improve on your Hero Image.

As one of the 5 essentials elements on a landing page its probably the one that people will notice first.
Right now Marie’s photos seems too generic and don’t convey your Value Prop. You can use her picture in any context and will still work as is just her with a little smile. :slight_smile:

To give you context on what im talking about a quote from one of our unbounce blog posts:

2. The Hero Shot

The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true in the short attention span world of the landing page. The hero shot is the visual representation of your offer and can help people to gain a better understanding of what it is or what it looks like. For maximum effect it should show context of use. This means showing rather than telling how it will be used by a customer.

The idea here is to get your customers to empathize and place themselves in a scenario where they are using it. There are many ways in which to achieve this, including:

Photo(s): Consider an example of a collapsible step ladder. A standard white-background photo of the item would work for the hero shot, but to add extra effect you could provide supplementary photos of someone unfolding it, using it to reach somewhere high, and placing it neatly into a small cupboard afterward.
Video: While the camera never lies, video is an even more compelling way to showcase your product. Think of the common Shamwow and Slapchop infocommercials. While cheesy, they impart a sense of need by illustrating direct benefits to everyday life.


So, my recommendation is to invest some time on a new Hero Image and run a Test to see if this helps your conversion. (i think it will)

Last, but not least… If you still havent read, take your time to run through our Conversion Centered Design Framework to learn more on how to create — and optimize for — delightful, high-converting marketing campaigns:



Hi @Magnus_Nygren_Syvers,

I went through the translated version of your landing page and here’s the feedback:

Main Heading - Its too long, Keep it a single line, simple and powerful. E.g. “Seeking Sales Champs” or “Now Hiring! - Sales Consultants” etc.

Main Picture (Hero Shot) - Change the image to a more professional looking image, maybe a female wearing formal suit, spectacles.

Features - Change the “Plus” symbol to simple bullets, or you can get some icons from and use them. E.g. you can use a dollar or money icon for “Well paid for every sale you make”, and so on.

Call To Action (CTA) - Keep it simple, you can change it to “Apply Now!”.

First Testimonial (Marie) - Move it to the main header (blue), so it looks like it belongs.

Testimonial Section - Add a heading to this section. Something like - “Here’s what our employees think about us”.

Footer Section - Add a quick contact form in this section. Visitor’s are more interested in filling up a small form that getting on a call. Also move the names “Jacob” and “Aleksander” to the same section (grey).


Hey Luis,

Thank you for the feedback. I can definitely see how the hero shot doesn’t really do anything other than show a person. The idea was that sales jobs (in Norwy at least) are generally male dominated, and we wanted to show women that other women are working here, and men that women are working her (simple psychology there). But We should have probably given her a headset and made it a bit more lively.

I have read the framework, but I might take som time to go through it again. Thanks!


Traffic isn’t really the issue. We’re getting a decent amount of clicka through our Facebook campaign, but conversion is more or less zero. I’ll try some of the tips I’ve gotten on here. If nothing changes I’ll provide you with a translated version (just not really time in my schedule to translate the page atm. I’m 50% of a marketing department! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks for the recruitment LP examples. They look pretty sweet.


Great list! Thanks. I’ll go through the page in regards to every point, and see how the alternative comes out.