Social Form Fill for Unbounce - Has anyone added the option to use Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin to autofill an unbounce page?

Has anyone added a facebook / Twitter / Linkedin autofill option for users to select instead of having to fill out a form? If so, can you provide some insight into how you did this?

I saw an example of using the social prefill option on the following registration page which looks to have been created using Marketo’s landing page form and their Integrated Social Marketing Software (…) and I’m hoping to do the same in unbounce.

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This feature is highly recommended.

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Lead Pages has a really cool Facebook integration where the landing page form can detect if a user is already logged into Facebook. If they are logged into Facebook, instead of the user having to fill out the form, they can just click one button to complete the form using their Facebook info. Awesome stuff!

Where Unbounce can rise above is by adding LinkedIn integration for B2B clients like myself. Huge opportunity here!

Any work on this from the Unbounce team? Linkedin integration is also a big thing for us.

Hi Nefer and Pedro - we haven’t been working on an autofill for LinkedIn, but that’s because they’ve been developing their own autofill widget already. Right now LinkedIn has it in beta, but another Unbounce customer has already put it on a landing page and we’ve been able to confirm that it works.

He also wrote up an awesome guide to implementing it here

Hey Tim! - We don’t have that feature built in, but if you’re looking to do this with Facebook I wrote up some instructions on how to do so:

There’s an initial app setup you need to do on Facebook after which it you just need to make small tweaks to the script on each page.

I haven’t tried setting this up with Twitter/Linkedin, but if we do come up with anything we’ll be sure to post it on the forums.