Snow Fall / Storytelling Pages in Unbounce?


Ever since NY Times Snow Fall article, storytelling on the web can be dramatically different. A good example is this article from the Washington Post.

How would you go about building a similar page using Unbounce?

Things that are going on here:

  • Fade to black between sections (and images).
  • The video/background stays in place while text boxes scroll up as you scroll.

I don’t think it’s in this one, but I have seen it in other similar storytelling articles where:

  • the background can also animate along a path or move along a map, with a line animation going throughout.

I imagine there are way more examples of different kinds of storytelling articles out there and I wonder how we can use unbounce pages to create these more interactive, multi-dimensional experiential pages.

Any ideas/scripts/thoughts?


Hey @yoav,

Why do you want to build a storytelling page, like the examples you’ve mentioned, through Unbounce?

Can you technically do it - Yes.

However, you would have to pretty much custom code the whole thing so what’s the benefit of using Unbounce in this case?

Unbounce’s greatest strength is allowing marketing teams of all sizes to quickly build, launch and optimize landing pages.



Hi @Hristian

I agree with you about Unbounce’s greatest strength, which is where this request comes from - basically, we do not have the option to pull in anyone from our engineering/dev team for this type of request…at least not until it’s proven.

So I thought there must be a way to use Unbounce to get some of the features rolling, since I have found so much custom code in the community already to make Unbounce pages really pop.

The reason behind it - the why - is because it is a great to showcase a story. While we use a blog for stories generally, there are instances where a different experience could be really interesting/beneficial. We have seen success in a Ceros partnership, so between that and the increasing popularity of these storytelling articles, I thought it would be great to develop a page that was a cornerstone piece of a content for a new campaign.

Any ideas on how to get some of these things done?

I think all we would truly need to get a cool experience are: fading to black between section backgrounds and scrolling a section from off screen while the background stays front and center. These 2 elements I think could be the beginning of a cool experience here that would launch the way towards a more experiential page. What do you think?