SMS integration/system for mobile landing page


I would like to have a button that says ‘Text Us Now’. That button would open up the mobile users iphone/android messaging system and allow them to send a text message.

Does anyone know a solution for Unbounce?



Hi @gta,

It’s been a few years since I had to do something similar but you should be able to do it if you modify the href properties of your link.

Here is a bit of documentation to get you started.
(If I remember correctly, you can also compose the body of the SMS and append it to the link as well. Also, I remember something about a bit different syntax for iOS and Android)



Thanks Hristian

I was able to create a popup with sms:. (sms needs to be lower case to work.)
It works well on IOS.

Has anyone had experience with code that works on both IOS and Android?
Or another solution for SMS?

Appreciate the feedback


There are plenty of examples with a quick Google search.

However, you’ll have to also write a custom script to detect the device and change the syntaxes of the link appropriately.