Show Lead Counter on Page


Is it possible to show the number of leads as a counter on the page?


Hey Shlomo,

Just want to make sure I understand your question. You’d like to display the number of leads on the page itself, visible to whoever lands on your page?

I’ll keep an eye out for your response!

Happy Friday!


Yes. That’s correct. I thought to do it via a Google Sheet

  • adding a row of data to a Google sheet each time someone signs the petition,
  • having a second sheet with one cell of data that counts the number of rows of data on the first sheet. This is the lead counter.
  • publishing this cell of data to the web and embedding it in the landing page.

Is this the right approach or is there a different way of implementing a lead counter on a landing page?
How do I embed this cell of data onto the landing page in way that blends in with the background?


Hey Shlomo, thanks for providing that info!

We’ve been asked this a few times, and sadly I don’t have the answer that you’re hoping for, however I’ve got some other resources that might be helpful to you (depending on how much time you’re willing to put into this feature).

Unbounce does all our development in-house, so we don’t have the resources to create a one-off custom code solution for this particular feature.

That said, if you wanted to hire a developer (or if you are a developer), your goal of showing a counter on your pages should be attainable via Unbounce’s API, as our API provides access to leads and stats data that could be pulled onto the page using javascript.

Information on the API is here - you or your dev will want to be wary of exposing your API key, however. If you show front-end requests for stats using javascript, it would be readable to anyone who requests the page.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to provide an immediate solution, Shlomo! If you do have questions about using the API to achieve your goal, feel free to send me a DM and I can help you out!



Hi Shlomo ! Did you manage to create your lead counter? I’d be interested in having one developed for my landing pages


Hi @Vanessa_Mermet,

I’ve done a few lead counters based on the Unbounce API.

Feel free to DM me with a bit more details on what you are trying to achieve.



Hi Hristian,

We use Unbounce LP to lauch petitions for NGO clients, and what we need is quite simple: to be able to show the number of signatures in real time on the LP, with a design like the one in the attachment.

Do you think it’s feasable ?




Hi @Vanessa_Mermet,

It is feasible with some custom coding.