SharpSpring Tracking Through Landing Pages


Hi there,

Looking for some help please as I’ve been trying and trying and getting nowhere!

We currently use SharpSpring for a client and we’re planning on sending out an email campaign soon with a link to an Unbounce Landing Page. The landing page will include UTM Codes on buttons on the landing page so we can track whats being clicked. The problem we are having however is for SharpSpring to track this click and pull through the parameters from the email.


People who land on this page are coming from an email created in SharpSpring so I want to pass through the information / parameters SharpSpring use for the links in the email. So that when they click on a link on the landing page it is tracked in SharpSpring. I do not want to lose the information from the email once they land on the landing page otherwise i will not be able to track who is clicking etc and it’ll be pointless…

Can anyone help?

(We have successfully integrated SharpSpring and Unbounce by adding the SharpSpring code to the javascript area on the landing pages etc and followed necessary instructions on SharpSpring too.)

Many thanks,
Katie :slight_smile:


Hi Katie,

First things first… You should never tag internal links on your site/landing pages with UTM parameters since that can seriously mess up your Google Analytics.

Unbounce offers a native GA integration. You just have to turn it on and copy/paste your GA Tracking ID. Here is the relevant documentation about it.

The native integration would automatically push data to GA about: button clicks, link clicks, variants and form submissions.

Now, you can and should tag your email links with UTM parameters so once your visitor lands on the landing page you can track their interactions.

As far as SharpSpring tracking goes, I took a quick look at their documentation. If you placed their JS script on your landing pages that should be sufficient for them to track any further information from the LP.

If that’s not the case, I would reach out directly to ShartSpring support and let them know what you are trying to accomplish.