Setting up Adwords conversions on page



I am trying to set up my Adwords conversions on an Unbounce page and can’t seem to get it to register. I used the Unbounce developer help page to set it up but I am likely missing something. Below is everything I can think to share. Does anyone see the missing link as to why my Adwords account has not registered a conversion?

Account level:
In script manager Analytics is enabled through the pre set script (would prefer tag manager but coldnt get that running on the first attempt.

On page:
Script for google site tag and event snippet (In same script) set to head placement:

Script for adwords button click set for head tag:

In Adwords:
Conversion is set as

Category Lead
Conversion name Unbounce_lead_pg:restaurant-payroll-aw
Value Don’t use a value

Not editable|Website|
|Count|One conversion|
|Conversion window|30 days|
|View-through window|1 day|
|Include in “Conversions”|Yes|
|Attribution model|Time decay|

Used install yourself tag and set global site tag and snippet on page in snippet s seen above.

When I used the site wide Google ads snippet and did not have the snippet on page I was given an error message and that is why it is on page not in the script manager.



Hi @Tianna!

It can take up to a day for data to begin to display in Google… That could be the easy answer. But there might be a few other things going on.

  • Tracking on-click events involves some script you need to add in Unbounce. Check out this other post in the community.

  • On my pages to keep things simple, I do not use the on-click conversion. I use the page load option from Google Ads. Place that in the head of the “Confirmation Page” in Unbounce and it works without any additional coding.

If you really need to use the on-click function. Could you share the URL you are using this on? Maybe we can look at the page to check for other issues :slight_smile:



Hey Kyle,

Thank you for taking a look. Here is the link to the page I am working on I used the Unbounce how to page to set the button click snippet. Our brand style has a strong preference for pop ups as opposed to new pages and I would like to try and get the button click to work. The pages that are using thank you pages are currently working.



Okay cool, I’ll take a look.

I should also clarify… I meant “Confirmation Dialog.” You can use the page load snippit from Google in there. So when the thank you pop-up displays, it sends the conversion data to Google.


Based on the page you shared I suggest using the page load option. It becomes more of a necessity to use button on-click functions for conversions if you don’t have a form at all. Which doesn’t seem to be your case.



Thank you! I did not realize that you could set it up seperatly on a confirmation pop up. I have reset the page and hopefully that starts registering conversions.

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