Sending field info to Active Campaign


We are setting up a new landing page for a new client site (wordpress) and need to integrate the form with Active Campaign – specific list. We’ve setup several landing pages in Unbounce before – and integrated easily with Infusionsoft – but Active Campaign is a lot harder and seems to involve using Zapier.

We need to capture several fields – which are already setup in Active Campaign. However we are having trouble figuring out how to do this in Unbounce. These pages provide some help:

This article says: Note that to send more than the email address and name, you’ll need to click “Map email, name, and additional fields” and follow ActiveCampaign’s instructions for mapping email, name, and additional fields with Zapier.

So we have an Unbounce Essentials Account - which on the pricing table says it includes Basic integrations with Zapier. However within our account - the Zapier tab next to Integrations is greyed out, and a message pops up saying we need to upgrade to get Zapier. WT?

So we tried following the instructions to add more fields in the AC intgration page - but the fields we already have setup in AC don’t appear in the extra fields list. It’s very very confusing.

Anyone got some suggestions?

thanks so much



Hi Annette!

I just did a bit of digging into your account information and it looks like you’re on the Pro 99 plan rather than the Essential Plan. They cost the same, so I understand the confusion, but our Essential Plan is part of a new pricing packages that we rolled out earlier in 2017. Actually, if you switched to the annual Essential Plan, you’ll pay 20% less ($79/month rather than $99/month).

The reason you’re having trouble unlocking certain features is because they’re part of our new pricing plans.

I’d suggest switching over to Essential since it’s the same price but comes with a lot more features and integrations.

Have a look at our pricing page here, it’ll have a lot more helpful information. Please let me know if you have any questions at all!


Hi Jess, thanks for your reply.

I’m still confused. You’re saying that if I move to the Essential Plan I get access to zapier. But when I go into my account and click switch plan – and choose the monthly price (I don’t want to pay annually at this point) – then I see this very strange message which I have no idea what it means. “Switching to an updated pricing plan will give you access to new features and different limits, but any subscription changes will remove access to this grandfathered plan.” The second half of this sentence makes no sense whatsoever. Can you please explain this in normal english?
thanks so much


Don’t worry Jess, I ended up getting help from the Support Team. A very confusing process and language. It would have been nice to have been given this link so I could understand it all, and why I have to change plans.


Hi Annette,

I’m glad you were able to get help from support, this is definitely something they’d be better equipped for because this requires more detailed internal information about your account which isn’t appropriate for our public community here.

I’m also glad you found a link that gave you all the information you needed, hopefully this will benefit someone who has the same issue!