Seeking Page Load Speed Suggestions


Hi All,

Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to improve the page load speed of this landing page? I am no developer by any means so the results that I get from Pingdom don’t help me much. This landing page is used for PPC campaigns.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Dave,

Unbounce already does quite a bit on the backend to ensure the best load times. But if you’re looking to do more, there was a good post about this by @digibomb a while back. I’ll link to it below:


Thanks for the shout out @Nicholas :slight_smile:

@Dave_Reinke to not repeat take a look at the link provided above. On first glance at you LP though I will say that embeds like “Trust Pilot” take up a lot resources on bandwidth. You may consider just adding a few of those testimonials in Unbounce and just reference Trust Pilot. Besides, having that there also adds to leakage, sends people away from your LP.


Thanks for the feedback @Nicholas & @digibomb!

I feel honored that you both responded to my post as I have read many of your insightful suggestions over the years. I am diving into the link and it’s been quite helpful, so thank you. I completely get where you are coming from on the TrustPilot embed from the leakage, friction and site performance perspectives but it’s one of those things that the client has dictated and invested in with the hopes that the social proof will outweigh the potential pitfalls.


Hey, no problem Dave. Let us know how it goes and if the page speed improves!


Hey Dave, one trick we use to improve the load time is the following. For all photos (product images, photos of a people, or photos of objects) use .jpg files. For all graphics (icons, logos, arrows, ext.) save them as a .gif file. Not only does this improve the speed, but your .gif images will display much more clear.


Hey @Dave_Reinke Thanks, no problem it is what we’re here fro :slight_smile: Best of luck and keep us posted.


Great advice! Thanks Matthew.


In my opinion that pageload time wasn’t awful bad, around 5 seconds for fully loaded but with a first view around 4. The firstview with SSL was only 4.5 seconds. When I ask for someone’s name and email address in my mind SSL is a requirement.