Scripts don't consistently fire

Hi there,

We have been using Unbounce for years, and have experienced an issue that has always been hard to identify until recently…

Long Story Short - We have always questioned the number of lead lands vs the unique page view traffic from Google Analytics, as GA has always been short. Turns out there is an intermittent fault with domain and variant scripts, that has progressively been getting worse.

Recently, while issuing a split test, we noticed that the 20% was heavily under-performing. On closer inspection we saw that for period of 10-20mins, the domain/variant scripts would intermittently work for 10,15,20mins and then not work for a similar amount of time (this could be seen by attempting to issue console.log output per script)…

Sometimes this would be the domain scripts only, other times it would be all scripts.
We proved this by running a Measurement Protocol hit, directly in the HTML, which fires every time the page completes a render.

All pages appear to be under performing in GA. Standard pages by between 5-10% and the minor variation on a split test, by as much as 55% in a day.

Unbounce, have you seen this occur before? It is very hard to diagnose an issue that is intermittent. Although our scripts aren’t perfect, I can advise that even after cleaning them up (no errors), this intermittent issue continues to occur. From my best understanding, the UB framework has full control over this functionality. Your help is appreciated.