Review my landing page. Appreciate the feedbacks!


Hi Unbounce community!

I just built a landing page for our prelaunch campaign. We’re offering free products to those who invite their friends to sign up. We plan on testing different headlines/descriptions. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hi there!

I will give you feedback in terms of a copy standpoint.

What exactly am I getting early access to?

Will I get early access to 1 box of lashes? Is your program going to be a monthly subscription of lashes (not sure if this is a thing)?

Try to incentivize the signup so that your early adopters feel like they are getting some additional value :wink:


Hi Stefano,

Thank you for the feedback. What are your thoughts with this copy

"Join our Lash VIP program.
Get exclusive first look at products, special offers, early access, free gifts and invite friends to earn free lashes!“
"Join our Lash VIP program.
Get exclusive first look at products, special offers, early access, free gifts and invite friends to earn up to 9 free lashes!”

Do any of incentives add no value?


Hi Kenneth,

Overall, the page design is very nice. I like your use of bold fonts and plenty of spacing. Here are just a few things I would test:

  1. The sub-headline is a bit hard to read due to the image behind it. Maybe darken the image slightly, or give the text a bit of a shadow to make it pop.

  2. The gold call-to-action button blends into the rest of the page, because of the color. I would recommend testing a contrasting color for your CTA button that is not used elsewhere on the page. When you squint at the page, you should see the CTA button pop out at you (a.k.a the “squint test”). :slight_smile:

  3. For the section under the hero image (beginning with “Long lasting…”), you could probably throw in some images to break up the text. It’s a bit text-heavy at the moment, and may cause visitors to scroll past it.

  4. If you have any testimonials from real customers, that would help add credibility to the page. Usually 2 or 3 testimonials would be enough, along with names and photos of the customers.

  5. Most importantly, as @Stefano pointed out, you might want to test a clearer offer. While “Join Lash VIP Program” might make sense to you or me, to the average visitor who sees the page for the first time, it might be confusing. It’s almost offering too much, which dilutes the value of each individual component. Maybe try offering just 1 special offer, like a coupon for your first order, or a free gift, where you clearly define (and visually show) what the free gift is. But I’d break those offers apart and test each one on its own.

PS: The CTA button at the bottom of your page is non-responsive. Not sure if that’s because it’s not finished yet, but just wanted to make sure you were aware.

I hope this helps! Best of luck with the page!


Great feedback, Nicholas.

I agree with testing 1 offer :fire:


Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for great feedback, I sincerely appreciate it.
1/2. I’ve made adjustments to the design and thanks for the “squint test” tip.
3. Added images
4. I’ll work on getting testimonials.
5. Sounds good I’ll test out various offers.

Thanks for pointing that out the error. :smiley: