Reverse Proxy to Unbounce


Hi there!

We are trying to setup a reverse proxy from our application to some pages in unbounce, so for example: https://{{domain}} fetchs the content from https://get.{{domain}}/home/

We have been able to do that, but we have a problem with the links of the page. For example, this link:
gets converted to

and when doing the reverse proxy for that url, we are getting a 410 http error returned by unbounce.

Has anyone tried doing this?

Thanks in advance

Reverse proxy to unbounce landing page suddenly stopped working

Hey there Luis!

I’m afraid we don’t support a reverse proxy set up with Unbounce pages. While technically possible to configure, you’ll likely run into issues with the page being served properly and/or stats being tracked. Our customer support is also very limited when pages are set up with a reverse proxy.

Does your domain have Wordpress on it by any chance? If so, you’d be able to use the Wordpress plugin, and keep your pages secured with your SSL certificate. Alternatively, we provision all domains on a Pro subscription with SSL certificates. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if Wordpress is an option, and if there’s anything else I can help clarify.