Restructuring the JSON , sent by Unbounce through a Webhook


I have a business requirement in which I have to pass some information from the landing page to our CRM i’e Zaius in a particular HTTP Post JSON format.
Required Format:
{ “type”: “product”,
“data”: {“action”: “detail”, “customer_id”: “XYZ”, “product_id”: “2045”} }

Whereas Unbounce sends data in following JSON Format:

I could find out two approach for doing the same:

1: Using Zapier to customize: But I am not sure how to do this?
Kindly do let me know the approach.
2: create a custom JSON handler on our own server to add in the required data and do some restructuring before sending to your CRM(Zaius).
If someone has a solution or already implemented the custom JSON handler then please comment.


Hey Akshay!

Essentially our Webhook can only post in it’s default method, which is to post the form in both XML and JSON data type. It will be the responsibility of the receiving URL to grab only the data type that it requires and successfully send that info into Zaius.

This kind of setup will typically require some form of technical support on the receiving CRM side, as you will need a receiving URL to connect to our Webhook that can interpret the data. You can check out our documentation on how the Webhook works here. That documentation also includes an example of a coded, receiving URL in HTML format.

I wish I had some more suggestions that were quick and easy! Perhaps someone else in the Community has found more luck and can provide some feedback, I’ll keep my eye out!