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I launched a landing page for a local real estate agent and I only have one serious lead using Facebook and Adwords out of 200 visitors…Is that normal? Please comment:
I have 2 variants and the content is in French but I can translate and answer any questions.
thank you

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Hi Guillaume,

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First of all, very nice design. :slight_smile:

I run a number of pages for a real estate agent client, and from what I’ve seen, it’s not the page design that is usually the issue, but the offer.

From my experience, running a “general inquiry” type page does not work as well as specific offers.

The offers that work best for me include:

1. Home Value Reports.  Have someone put in their address and contact info and we will provide them with a custom report of how much their home is worth. These convert very well. Sometimes, people will only put in their address though, and not their contact info, but we can still send them a postcard at least. This identifies people who are likely sellers. Good for lead nurturing campaigns.

2. Foreclosure Lists. Not sure if you call them foreclosures over there, but bascially, these pages offer people a list of homes in their city that are very inexpensive. The lists are updated monthly. It usually attracts investors and bargain hunters. Not always the best leads, but it give us a chance to get on the phone with them and try to turn them into a referral source at least.

3. Home Buyer’s Guides and Home Seller’s Guides. These are short PDFs that have tips for buyers and sellers. Each one is packaged up separately, and we lean heavily on the “FOMO” effect, or the “fear of missing out.” In other words, we use headlines such as “Don’t even think about buying a home in Anytown, USA before you read this guide!” These guides don’t work as well as the 2 offers listed above though, but they are usually better than just a general inquiry form.

So, maybe test out some different offers and see what works?

Best of luck!


Are you tracking phone calls from the landing page? If not, perhaps there are some leads that are not factored into your 0.5% Conversion Rate.

In addition to clarifying the offer as Nicholas mentioned, you might find CR improvements by focusing on only driving the most qualified traffic from AdWords and FB Ads. If your audience is not dialed in (i.e. you are targeting very large, unsegmented groups of people) you might be buying a lot of wasted clicks from people that will never convert.

Good luck!


The page is pretty, but not really optimized for conversions. Try removing the agent block at the top and going straight into the CTA with the optin to the right.  

Also, really hard to say how the page should perform without knowing what your ads look like…


Mobile Friendly:  Very Important, More than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, Make sure your landing page is optimized for mobile devices. Make sure your text is readable, not too small, color that doesn’t blend with the background.

You can refer to

Analyze Visitor’s behavior:   i would suggest you to setup a free account with Hotjar -

With hotjar, you can look setup recording and heat maps of your landing page, with which you can analyze your visitor’s behavior.

Second Variant:  Create a second variant of this landing page with your Form and USPs on the top, Try and merge the first two sections of your page, you might have to take some text off, Keep your USPs left aligned, This will help you move your “My Properties” section in the first fold of your landing page.


Very good advices!!! Thanks a lot!!!


Hi Andrew, yes I track phone calls with Callraill. My facebook campaign target the montreal area in a specifc age group and adwords is using: looking for house, real estate agent, etc…So thats is why I think its my landing page the issue not the targeting…


Hi Jason, you think we should remove the real estate agent picture even if its “the product”?? 
The ads says: the tag line + pay the right price, for a save transaction, call me, etc… Any advices on that?


Hotjar is such a great idea thank you!
Its 100% optimized for mobile, we checked it.
I understand your advices, I will put that in place and test it! Thank you


Hi Guillaume!

I am also fromMontreal. Glad to see there are more of us here on unbounce! What type of keywords are you bidding on? Is it a mixture of phrase match, exact match and broad match modifiers?