Randomly people that type in our URL get shown our Unbounce landing page is hosted on

Our Unbounce page is hosted on blackfriday.jamber.com
I’ve had 3 random people show me that when they type in just jamber.com (our main site) into their browser, they get shown the content of our Unbounce black friday landing page
So its not redirecting them - its literally replacing the content of our home page with that of our black friday landing page.
Worse, at least one of them got taken to an old variant I was testing on out landing page which has been deactivated a couple of days ago.

I can’t replicate this myself - have tried in on Chrome/Safari on a Mac, on an Android phone using Chrome and on an iphone using Chrome/Safari - all works fine for me

Any ideas why this might be happening for just a few people?

Hi @AnujAdhiya,

Unbounce can’t control your top level domain since your are using a sub-domain for your landing pages.

If I were you, I would check your domain/DNS provider since the redirect must be happening there.

Also, I can’t replicate the issue as well.


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Thx @Hristian,
I’l check it out at that end.

Just to follow up on something else you said, ie “since your are using a sub-domain for your landing pages.”
Is there a way to actually host the landing page on the top level domain i.e xyz.com/landing_page instead? I assume that the issue wouldn’t happen at all if it were structured that way.

You can do it if your main site is running on WP.

Otherwise, you have to use a sub-domain or try to “hack” it together with redirects, which is not advisable.


Got it - appreciate your response.